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Candylab Ghost Toy Car
Candylab Ghost Toy Car
Candylab Ghost Toy Car
Candylab Ghost Toy Car

Candylab Ghost Toy Car

$49.00 AUD

The Ghost is Candylab's homage to obscure art liveries, camouflage inspired, retina-unfriendly patterns. Their way of recognising and telling the story of amazing art that lived on a race car shell and got all beat up at the track, instead of a cushy gallery career. Ballsier than Warhol and just as fleeting as a cactus bloom. 

Ghost is a Redux of the classic Stinger - same body, but a different and unique skin. 

Dense beechwood gives each car its unexpected heft, making for highly realistic play scenarios based on real world physics – evident in ramp jumps and landings.  The water-based paints and clear urethane are safe and environmentally conscious – while the high gloss finish, cool graphics and candy-like colours spark imaginative play scenarios. 

Material: Solid Beech Wood, Water Based Paint and Clear Urethane

Dimensions: 18.3cm x 7.3cm x 5cm

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth and a few drops of soapy water if needed.

Note: This has been safety tested according to Australian & New Zealand regulations.

#Arriving early September

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