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6 White Horses

6 White Horses is born from a life long love of vintage, a decade of global roaming, and the desire to create beautiful, quality pieces for children that appeal to their whimsical spirit and love of dressing up.

The creators of this brand have combined a bit of their relaxed "anything-goes" style from their home in Byron Bay, Australia with cuts and embellishments drawn from favorite aspects of decades past.

They are passionate about the idea of lasting fashion as opposed to ephemeral trends. Aspiring to make pieces in a timeless style in the highest quality with an un-matched attention to detail and quality.

These are clothes intended to be passed on from one sibling to the next and then on to your children's children. Standing the test of time, just like the beautiful vintage they are inspired from. The result is a line of clothing that's pure bohemian, rock and roll fun with a timeless whimsical beauty.

I am thrilled to bring 6 White Horses to you at Alfie Wild!



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