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Clare Carter

Posted on February 15 2014

A sneak peek at some of the things coming to us at Alfie Wild.

Organic lunch bags from Coq en Pate. These are absolutely gorgeous up close and would lend themselves to lots of things besides a lunch box. They don't have an insulated lining because that wouldn't comply with the 100% organic rating but you can easily slip the ice brick inside a ziplock bag. I actually think our two year old will put all manner of "treasures" inside for carting about! We have dogs, polar bears, tigers and gorillas on their way. All products from this company come out in a them and you will notice the dot dash on the polar bear and gorilla bags. They are part of the endangered species range and the print is morse code. We also have the paper friends coming which make excellent gifts and rainy afternoon activities.

I was really excited to see the Miffy lights at a trade show yesterday. Miffy is loved by boys and girls and makes such a great friend for the little ones. Miffys friends will also be available but we have no dates yet.  I'll keep you up to date here.            

 These are the amazing owl prints from OMY Design coming soon. By day your owl is sleeping soundly but when the sun goes down ( and hopefully the children ) his eyes are wide open and he glows in the dark.

So many other goodies are coming too.


The trade show was interesting as there were a few who thought us crazy for limiting our product range by being a boy focused boutique. That is EXACTLY why we have launched Alfie Wild! Because the stereotype is hard and traditions are boring. We won't be bringing you cliche boys items here. Rather products for all types of boys and things that may be pitched as a girls item but we see it as being for the boys to enjoy too. We want it all in one place so shopping for boys is not hard anymore.Thats our plan and we love that you've come along for the ride.